Time Management – An Oxymoron

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So, I know this is a bit later than initially promised, but I wanted to get it out to you in a way that isn’t fragmented.  During our B-Line a couple weeks ago, we discussed the idea that Time Management being an oxymoron, because you can’t manage time, only activities in the time that we all are given.

Here, I will compile some of the discussion points as well as provide a few tools for you to take a look at and decide if they are “for you” to use in getting your “time” under control.

A little whiteboard action!! (my chicken scratch is a no charge add on)

To break down the 4 quadrants and examples of how they can be “filled”:

Quad 1 – Important and Urgent – Crisis, Time Sensitive Tasks (deadline driven duties), etc. – things to DO NOW.

Quad 2 – Important but Not Urgent – Preparation (Marketing), Planning (Vacation), Personal Time (Work Outs, Recharge/ Me Time), Charity Work – things that should be planned for.

Quad 3 – Not Important but Urgent – “Other People’s Minor Issues”, Unimportant emails and calls – things that should be minimized (perhaps delegated). 

Quad 4 – Not Important and Not Urgent – Irrelevant phone calls/ emails, “Distractions” (social media, tv), Irrelevant Time Wasters – things that should be eliminated.

Download a blank Covey 4 Quad


Stop, get quiet and alone…..and think of your “Big Rocks” – the things that set the foundation for everything else you strive for in your life (Family, Business, Charity, etc.). These are the areas that will go at the top of your Prioritization Blocks.

This is laying the ground work for making sure that nothing unimportant, irrelevant, or a waste, will sneak into your time. Consider what your “perfect” day/ week/ year would look like if you were to focus on your 4 Big Rocks and not let anything else in. Those things that suck up your time will begin to erode and fade away when you say YES to only the things that fit. Your Big Rocks will have smaller rocks under them that will build to the Big Rocks – Business (Prospecting, Marketing, etc.), Family (baseball games, family dinners, etc.). Don’t get overwhelmed by the small rocks….they can seem to pile up, but again, prioritize them and be sure to commit to the time required to fulfill those….these are the places of regret when not fulfilled!!!

As I have said, DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me and set a time for us to chat about your “Activity Management” and how we can get you more productive, less stressed, and more efficient with the time we all share.


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