For Tracy

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As far as my “rig”, I use a Mac pro and Dual monitors for everyday office work.  Being pretty much 100% cloud based, I travel outside of the office with my iPad Air and/or my Samsung Chromebook in tow and can easily access anything that I would be working on from my Mac Pro.

My cellphone is none other than an iPhone 5S 32GB version.  I have bounced back and forth from Android to iPhone about 3 times and have once again landed back on iPhone and have no plans to leave again!

My favorite apps, or apps I could NOT live without, in no particular order…..

– Evernote – my digital brain

– Dropbox – my digital filing cabinet

– (Houston Association of REALTORS app – access to our MLS)

– Gmail

– Facebook/ Facebook Messanger

Honorable Mentions – Fantastical (Calendar App), Hootsuite, GoConnect, Feedly

It was really hard to piece it down to 5 apps…ha!


If there is anything else you need from me….let me know!!!  Thanks for thinking of me, Tracy!!  Cheers!

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